How to Create a Department

 When setting up the business structure set it up to your company's size, industry and aims. Think of organizational structures as communication flowcharts.  Well designed organizational structures will produce efficient communication channels and encourage fast, clean decisions. 

For example, in the production of a movie, one department might work on the music, the other might work on special effects, while another one works on the recorded film. Each segment must receive some information from the other - for example, a special effects team will need access to the filmed footage - and it's the job of the movie director (at the top) to make sure all the threads of the web are connected to each other, then produce the finished product.

This article explains how to create a New Department in Fortix.

Click the Departments Icon in the PEOPLE Heading.

The quick address bar link is: /?departments

The Department page opens with a list of current DEPARTMENTS. To add a new Department, click Add New Department in the header bar.

  1. Add a Unique Number for the Department
  2. Enter the Department Name
  3. Select the Division by clicking the Down Arrow in the Division Field. Consult our manual: How to Create Divisions in Fortix.
  4. Enter the Valuable Final Product description. What is the purpose of the Department?
  5. Enter the Explanation.
  6. Click the boxes next to the relevant Roles for the Department. Consult our manual: How to create Roles.
  7. Pick the Teams for the Department. Consult our manual: How to Add a Team.

Click SAVE to add the new Department to the System.


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