How to create an Estimate

Unlike quotes, estimates are not legally binding. Many businesses find estimates are an effective way to indicate the likely cost and scope of a job without committing to prices and terms. Estimates are particularly valuable if you are initially engaging a customer's interest in your products or services or waiting on clearer information about your customer's requirements. Estimates are also useful if you are unable to guarantee prices of materials or labour or are unsure about the size of the job.

Estimates are not a substitute for effort. Don't use an estimate just because you don't know the details of the job. Try to find out the specifics and provide a quote instead. This article explains how to set up estimates in Fortix.

The quick address link for Estimates are: /?estimates

The Estimates & Approvals page will open with a list of Estimate & Approvals after clicking Estimates & Approvals in the sub-heading bar. Click Add New menu option to Add a New Estimate.

The Estimates & Approvals page opens with the ADD NEW ESTIMATE form enabled.

Find the client for who the estimate is by typing at least two letters in the Client field. Select the client from the drop-down list by clicking on the client name.

Click the down arrow in the Opportunity field and find the Opportunity that has been registered against this client. For more on How to Enter a New Opportunity click here.

Ensure that the email address is correct so that the Estimate can be delivered into the correct in box. Tick the box next to the Contact Persons who need to receive this Estimate.

Complete the Estimate Details, with a Name for the Estimate, Hours and Value. Click the down arrow in the Estimate Type field and select the appropriate Estimate Type. Complete the Details with a description of the service that this estimate is for.

Click the down arrow in the E-mail Message under Send Estimate to find the prepared template for sending the estimate. The system will load the prepared email to send.

Click PREVIEW to view the email before it is sent.

The {tag_..} fields are substituted with the values from the ESTIMATE.

Attach files if needed by Clicking on SELECT FILES to find the files.

A reminder can be set for follow-up by clicking the reminder box.

Select the next action with the radio button and Click SAVE.

The newly created estimate will now appear in the Estimates & Approvals list.


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