How to Unblock a User

If a user enters a password incorrectly too many times Fortix systems automatically blocks that account to protect the system's security. This article explains how to unblock a user account.

Easily navigate to this page by typing /?users in the address bar. EG.

Click OUR TEAM then Users.

A list of current Users is displayed. Find the User that has been blocked. Click the down Arrow next to Action in the row of the blocked user.

Click on the Unblock item. Only the user that has been blocked will have an Unblock option.

A message appears that the User has been unblocked.

If no Unblock option in the Action menu, confirm the option is enabled by clicking on the matrix More menu option, click Setup.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and find the SIT Action Icons. Make sure the box next to user_unblock is ticked.


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