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In Fortix any user that wants to use the system must be identified. Fortix uses a local database for the users’ accounts and credentials.

Because people find the sign-up and account creation tedious which often results in abandoned shopping carts which mean the loss of business and sales the alternative is to delegate user authentication and provisioning to a dedicated, purpose-built service, called an Identity Provider (IdP). Google, Facebook and Twitter, where many people on the internet are registered, offer such IdP services for their users. Your business can greatly streamline user onboarding by integrating login with these IdPs. This article explains how to setup the Google Log In Details in Fortix.

Add the Fortix User

Click OUR TEAM then Add User.

Easily navigate to this page by typing /?users in the address bar. EG.

The CREATE USER form will be activated. Add the New User's First Name, Last Name and Start Date. First Name and Last Name is required fields.

Decide if Google Sign-in is the only way to login by Clicking the Yes radio button.


Add or Edit Google Account Details in Fortix

If the users already exist within the system, Find the name in the list of users, click the down arrow next to Action tab in the row, click Edit Google Details.

The Users page opens with the EDIT USER GOOGLE ACCOUNT DETAILS form enabled. The Current Google Account field will be empty.

Add the Google Account email address and Google Password.

Make sure to tick the Change Google Account Login Information * box. Click SAVE.

The Current Google Account field will now be populated with the Account Details entered.

Activate the Google Sign-On

Login into Google account. Open a new tab or page and navigate to the Fortix instance Login In Page. Click on the G sign Sign in.

This will open a page Sign in Google accounts - Google Chrome with Choose an account Options. Click on the account you have added before in Fortix.

Click ALLOW.

The user is now able to login into Fortix when they have logged into their Google account by clicking the G sign in tab.


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