How to Setup Google API

In Fortix any user that wants to use the system must be identified. Fortix uses a local database for the users’ accounts and credentials.

Because people find the sign-up and account creation tedious which often results in abandoned shopping carts which mean the loss of business and sales the alternative is to delegate user authentication and provisioning to a dedicated, purpose-built service, called an Identity Provider (IdP). Google, Facebook and Twitter, where many people on the internet are registered, offer such IdP services for their users. Your business can greatly streamline user onboarding by integrating login with these IdPs. This article explains how to setup the Google API in Fortix.

Click the Setup gear icon on the right-hand side of the page. Find the API Setup tab in the API & INTEGRATIONS heading by either scrolling down or type a Search String in the Search bar.

The Setup page opens with API SETUP form enabled. In the Google API section Click the Yes radio button to Enable OpenID Connection. Add the Client ID, Client Secret and Allowed Audiences. Click SAVE when finished.

Read more about Google API by clicking:


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