How to create a Profile

Fortix enables both aggregation and segregation of data based on Profiles, useful for organisations that have various branches that share certain parts of local information.

An example of this is a head organisation that owns several smaller businesses or establishments. Each business must be treated separately, however, the head organisation should have the capability to view all data.  The system caters to this need using the Profiles feature, which can be displayed visually as a tree diagram:

Business 1 does not share any information with Business 2 (as they are separate entities), however, both information can be viewed by the Head Organisation.  Instead of having three (3) separate systems, Fortix enables the following, which allows cost efficiency, maximum control and data integrity for all parties.

To access the Profiles page, Click on Profiles Icon on the Setup page.

The address bar link is /?profiles

The Profiles page opens. Click Add New to add Profiles that will be sub-profiles.

The ADD NEW PROFILE form opens in the Profiles page. Enter the sub-profile in the Profile Name field. Click SAVE.

The New PROFILES TREE is displayed on the right-hand side of the Profiles page.


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