How to Setup Opportunity Options

Fortix systems is a highly customizable integrated system which can be configured to your unique business requirements. This article explains how to set up the features for registering opportunities.

Navigate to the Setup page by clicking on the Gear Icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to find the CRM section. Click the Opportunity Setup Tab.

The Setup page opens with the OPPORTUNITY SETUP form with current settings is enabled.

The address bar link is /?system_setup&op=form&go=opportunitySetup&from=system_setup

Number of days to be displayed in Updates SIT * will display all the Opportunities that have been updated or created in the period set in the field.

Create Contact for new Opportunity if not selected * this can save time If set to Yes. Contact details can be captured within the Opportunity form while adding an Opportunity. The Customer Type will be as selected in the next field.

If set to No then the Prospect will not be automatically added to the Contacts but will appear as PROSPECT in the Edit Opportunities page from where it can be manually converted as a Contact type = Prospect. Refer How to Convert a Prospect to a Contact article.

Default Customer Types * Click the down arrow and tick the box for a default Customer Type to be added in the Contact record.

Allow to define Creation Date for Opportunity Update * If set to Yes then a date will appear in the Update Opportunity form.

Business Dev WA * Click the Down Arrow to select the Business Area Opportunities to belong to.

Filters displayed above main SIT Click the Down Arrow and tick all the boxes that must appear as filtering options in the Opportunities list page.

Opportunity Work Request Template Select the Work Request Template that will be used when the Opportunity is converted into work. Refer to the article How to Create a Work Request Template.

Copy Opportunity Tags when Converting Prospect to a New Contact * Click Yes to have all the Tags appear in the Contact Record that has been attached to the Prospect. Refer Creating Tags in Fortix for more information.

Convert Prospect to Contact Automatically * Select Yes to be directed to Customer Add form when Convert to Contact is clicked.

Include Note to the Reminder Click Yes to add Notes to Reminders in Opportunities.

 Default Reminder Text can be entered.

Click SAVE to commit changes to the System


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