How to create Contact List Type

List Type Picklists are selection lists used to populate the List Type data input field in Contacts with one of many predefined values. Picklists provided in the standard system can be altered to use customer-specific values.

Click on the List Type  Icon in the CONTACTS Section of the Picklists page.

The address bar link is: /?codelists&cl=customer_types

The Picklists - List Types page opens with a current list of List Types. To add another List Type, Click Add New in the header bar.

The Picklists - List Types page opens with the ADD NEW LIST TYPE form enabled. Enter the New List Type name and the Order in which it appears. Choose if this is a Default for each Contact that is added.

Click the down arrow in the Profile field to select the Profile this List Type belongs to. Only users belonging to the selected Profile will be able to see the List Type. To Create Profiles Refer article How to create a Profile.

Click SAVE to commit the New List Type to the system.

To Delete a List Type, Click Delete at the end of the row of the List Type that has to be deleted.


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