How to see a list of Contacts "Do Not SMS"

The Australian Media and Communications Authority (the ACMA) manages the register, including responding to breaches of the legislation.

The legislative arrangements that underpin the register include the:

Fortix enables you to actively manage your marketing and so provides a way to generate a list of contacts that have requested: Do Not SMS. This article explains how to generate a list: Do Not SMS.

When viewing the Outgoing SMS Queue, some SMS messages might have been processed with an ERROR. To view a list of contacts where the OK to SMS is set to "No" go to the customers' page by clicking CONTACTS in the main heading bar and then Customers.

The customers' page will open with a list of Contacts. Click the More matrix menu option on the right-hand side of the CUSTOMERS list. Click the down arrow in the OK TO SMS column and select No.

The shortcut link in the address is: /?customers

The list of customers that cannot be send SMS messages will be displayed.

To enable the column "OK TO SMS" in the list view, click the More menu and select setup.

Contacts - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Find the column "OK TO SMS" and toggle the eye icon for visibility.

Click Close to Commit the change to the system.

Contacts - Fortix Base - Google Chrome


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