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How to set a Reminder from Calendar

Reminders are a great way to keep track of tasks that contain time-sensitive deadlines or opportunities that you need to follow-up on to convert to sales.

Click Calendar in Heading bar to open the Calendar page. Select the day where the reminder has to be added. Click plus sign or Add Reminder.

The Reminders page opens with the CREATE REMINDER form activated.

  1. Add the Subject of the Reminder
  2. If a meeting or a Location is appropriate - fill the Location field accordingly.
  3. Enter a short Description to ensure accurate reminder execution.
  4. Add the Customer name if appropriate.
  5. Add the Date and time from which the reminder is valid.
  6. Add the Date and time until which the reminder is valid.
  7. If it is a repeating reminder set frequency.
  8. Enter the end date of the repeating frequency.

Add the User and Attendees for the reminder. Click SAVE to commit this reminder to the system.

The Reminders page opens displaying a list of reminders and the newly created Reminder. Click on the underlined Event to see the detail of the Reminder.

The Reminders page open with the REMINDER DETAILS.

The Reminder sent to another user will be displayed in that users Fortix Dashboard with Action options to Complete, edit or move the reminder.

Reminders belonging to the user will be displayed in the Users Calendar.


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