How to share Calendars

Calendar events probably involve other people. If you’d like to keep everyone on the same page for those meetings, sharing features—such as effortlessly inviting others to see your calendar will be a huge help instead of the back-and-forth email discussions when planning a date.

The quick address is: /?calendar

Click Calendar in the heading bar. The Calendar page will open with the current month dates showing. The Avatar is showing whose calendars you can view and the colour coding of their calendar entries.

To share a calendar with other users click the More Menu bars and select Sharing Options.

The calendar page opens with the CALENDAR SHARING SETUP form enabled. The Share Type's available are:

  1. As Selected (Meaning the list below and if they have Full Access or Read-only)
  2. View Only for All (Meaning all users in the system can view your calendar.)
  3. Full access for Selected Full access for All ( Meaning all users in the system can view and change your calendar.)

Tick the box in front of the Share Type which is appropriate.

We can see that we have granted some users access to our calendar, but we are not able to see their calendar, as they have to grant us access from their login session.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Logged in as the user Joy, we can grant the necessary access to her calendar to selected users.

Click to add users to be able to see her calendar.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click SAVE to commit to the system.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Now I am able to view the user Joy's calendar.


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