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How to set Fortix System Default Options

A default, in Fortix, refers to the pre-existing value of a user-configurable setting that is assigned to a field. The system setup page is where defaults are set for fields that are used in Fortix. This increase the flexibility of the system. This article explains how to set the System Defaults.

Click Default Options Icon in the Setup page

The Setup page opens with the DEFAULT OPTIONS form enabled. The Form consist of five sections to set Fortix Defaults:

  1. Project
  2. Menu
  3. UI - User Integration
  4. System Landing Page\SIT Record Counts Setup
  5. TinyMCE
1. Project

To complete and deliver a product or accomplish a goal, a Project needs to be defined in Fortix.

The project page in Fortix communicates what work needs to be performed, which resources of the organization will perform the work and the timeframes in which that work needs to be performed so that a product or result can be accomplished. To produce deliverables, work must be performed.

Work Area is the building block of a Project. The Work Area together with Work Requests or tasks is a hierarchical reflection of all the work in the project in terms of deliverables.


Business Support Work Area - Messages created via "Contact Business Support" form are automatically assigned to the work area from this setup.

Internal Customer - Customer that is used for internal purposes e.g. your business.


3. UI

The UI- User Interface manages the settings for displaying lists of records as in Contacts or Invoices etc.

Enable SIT filters automated submission -  Automatically filters search criteria entered in the search fields above the first row.

Display application footer -  When setting to No then the Footer will not be displayed across all the pages in the Fortix system.

Default theme - Select a Theme for Fortix system that will display when no theme is selected. Refer to article Managing Colour Themes in Fortix.

Additional HEAD content - Please contact should you which to add extra HEAD content in the HTML code.

Form Labels Position - When setting to Top all the labels of the Fields will be displayed on top. If set to Left, the labels are on the left side of the field.

Form Labels Colon Visible - When Set to Yes, a " : " will be displayed at the end of the labels. If set No then no Colon will be displayed.

Profile Application Name - is used to identify the application in the page tab.

When the Profile Application Name field is empty, the Common Application Name will be used to display in the tab of the page.

SIT User Avatar and SIT User Avatar Username Format - Sets the default display of photos and Names in Fortix. refer article Manage Avatars, Logos and Contact Photos for more information.

Default value for time selector - Sets the default time in Fortix System for all records where time is captured or set. EG. Calendar, Reminders etc.

Password retrieval Back button Link - This is where an internal customer page can be defined so users have an alternative point of support.

'Back to login page' button text - When a user clicks the Forgot Your Password option on the Login page, the next form presents the option to BACK TO LOGIN PAGE.


The "Display 'Back to login page' second button" is a functionality that is used in the members' based system, where the users are external clients logging into the system. A better business process is for them to seek help from the business website, which is where the link should lead.

Display 'Back to login page' second button  - If set to "Yes" a second option will be displayed when the Password retrieval process is executed.

Back to login page' second button text - This field must contain the text information when a second button is required.

Back to login page' second button link - This field must specify the page which will be activated when clicked.

Back to login page screen information This is a description field of what the next steps are.

How long to preserve system logs -this is the days the system log should be available to access. After this time period, the system log will be archived.

First day of week - How to set First Day of the Week Per User and How to set First Day of the Week System-wide. These articles explain in detail how to set the First day of the week.

Keyboard Shortcuts Enabled - This setup option allows user to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts system-wide.

Show Date & Time - This setup option controls, whether Date & Time should be displayed in the top area or not.

4. System Landing Page

A page within Fortix can be nominated as the landing page eg. Opportunity or Contacts. - Ensure eg. ?users is used.

5. SIT Record Counts Setup

Show record count - If set to Yes the number of records will be displayed above the header in the right-hand corner.

Record counter formatting adding spaces etc.

6. TinyMCE

To enable Fonts etc in Fortix.


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