How to send an E-mail from Contact page

This article explains how to send one-off messages to contacts from the Contact Overview page. Fortix Emails can be HTML-based or text-based emails. You can insert hyperlinks, add styling and bullets to your text, use a template and add a reminder when you send the email or add automation when they reply to your email.

Click Customers heading in the CONTACTS menu. The Contacts page opens with a list of Contacts.

Should any of these Action Icons be unavailable on your system, Refer to the article How to Setup Icons on Edit Form or contact

1. Send E-mail from Contact List Page

Click the down arrow on the Action tab at the end of the row of the Contact you which to email. Click the Send E-mail (envelope) Icon. The Communication page will open. Follow the instructions in article How to Send E-mail in Fortix.

2. Send E-mail form Edit Contact form

Click on the underlined Contact information of the Contact you want to E-mail.

The Contact page opens with the EDIT CONTACT form enabled.


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