How to Create Partners in Fortix

A partnership is a business structure whereby two or more people share ownership of the business; these partners share any profits, but also the costs, risks and responsibilities in dealing with the customers involved with the running of the company. Partners can be allocated to a contact, and even a "back-up" partner can be appointed. This article explains how to create partners in Fortix.

Click on the Partners  Icon in the CONTACTS Section of the Picklists page.

The address bar link is /?codelists&cl=partners

The Picklists - Partners page opens with a current list of Partners. To add another partner, Click Add New in the header bar.

The Picklists - Partners page opens with the ADD NEW PARTNER form enabled. Add the New Partner Name in the PARTNERS field. Add the Display Order and click Yes if it is the default. Click SAVE to commit the record to the system.

To Delete a Partner, Click Delete at the end of the row of the Partner that has to be deleted.


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