How to Edit and Invoice

Creating an Invoice is a two-step process in Fortix. The article explains how to Edit and Invoice which is the second step in creating an Invoice.

Click on the Invoice that needs to be edited on the INVOICES page, which is found in the FINANCE and Invoices heading.

Alternatively, Click the Down Arrow in the Action tab on the right-hand side of the Invoice Row. Click Edit.

On the Left side of the Edit Invoice page are the details as it would appear on the Invoice.

On the Right side of the Edit Invoice page are Invoice Items and Notes etc. Click Add New on the Right side of the INVOICE ITEMS component.

The ADD NEW ITEM form is activated.

Look-up the Invoice Item Service by typing two letters minimum in the Service field. Click on the Service Name for which the Invoice is generated.

The Invoice Item Name and Description fields are populated. This can be changed according to specification.

Ensure the Qty, Unit Price and Tax Rate are correct.


To add a predefined Invoice Note, Click the down arrow and select the appropriate message.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

The INVOICE ITEMS is now displayed. More Items can be added by Clicking the Add New option.

To view the Invoice Click the Adobe Icon in the EDIT INVOICE header.

Click the Envelope Icon in the EDIT INVOICE Header to send the Invoice via E-mail. Follow instructions in How to send E-mail from Fortix.


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