How to UPDATE contact PERSON in Customers

This article explains how to change the main contact person for a customer or any contact company in your CRM.

Find the customer or company where the main contact needs to be updated by clicking CONTACT and Contacts or the relevant category in your system. Find the company on the list or enter a search string in the COMPANY/CONTACT field. Click on the underlined name of the company to access the record.

To easily access the Customers contact page enter: /?customers in the address bar. EG.

The Contacts page opens with the EDIT CONTACT form active. Locate the are in the form where the Main Contact Person* is displayed. Now click in that field to change the Main Contact Person.

The Main Contact Person field will only be available and editable if the contact exist for the customer in the Fortix system.

The New Main contact must already be in the Fortix system. Follow instructions How to create a New Customer Contact in Fortix.

Type a minimum of two letters that are in the existing contact person's name. A drop-down list of names will appear. Select the correct name by clicking on it.

The information that already exists within Fortix is automatically updated in the appropriate fields.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system

The new main contact person now appears in the list of Customers.


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